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Minimum Vital is back as a quartet!

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Since 2011, the band had evolved as a trio. The idea at first, with the Eric’s come back on the bass, was to strenghten the “Vital Duo” formula, by mixing acoustic an electric in our music. It’s why jean-Luc focused at this moment on electro-acoustic guitars, among them the legacy Ovation double neck you can […]

Le Fol, Vidéo clip (2017)

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This new song  is a tribute to 12th occitan troubadour Piere Vidal, who was called “The Fol”, or, sometimes, “The Wolf”, and was recorded live in summer 2017.

Hugues le loup, Video Clip (2017)

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The basis of this piece comes from a recurring motif by Jean Luc on guitar, which we used to play in rehearsal, in an obstinate way. I don’t know why, it evoked stories of wolves, and we improvised amusing words on this theme. Moreover, there was this TV film that we saw in 1975, in […]

Saint Petersbourg (final version)

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This piece has a long history. It was part of the many stuff recorded by Jean Luc and myself during the year 1986, which preceded the recording of “Les Saisons Marines”. There have been several versions, never played live, until MINIMUM VITAL “retrospective” evening in Eysines, in October 1997. It was presented there as a […]

Thierry Payssan and the Korg “mini” MS20

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A while ago I’ve bought a Korg MS20 in its new mini version, relaunched by Korg. The MS20 model was the warhorse of my teens and I was very excited to have this old good tool back with me. I’ve found back its filters and oscillators. One minor thing: its size (86% of the original) […]