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Thierry Payssan and the Korg “mini” MS20

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A while ago I’ve bought a Korg MS20 in its new mini version, relaunched by Korg. The MS20 model was the warhorse of my teens and I was very excited to have this old good tool back with me. I’ve found back its filters and oscillators. One minor thing: its size (86% of the original) […]

Envol Triangles 1985 – 1st album (Remastered 2016)

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In 1992, when Musea planned to release the two first albums of the band in one Cd, they were still recording La Source and all the energies (and the money too..) were aimed toward the current studio works. Then, no budget was available for a correct mastering of the two orignal albums and only a “quick […]

New section: Vital Drums

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We continue our journey through the gear used by the band. Today, Jean-Luc speaks us about all the percussions kit that he use currently in the band today, in the context of the Trio version. See the section Vital Drums