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Harley Benton RB-612CS electric 12

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It’s sometimes not necessary to pay a lot bunch of money to get a good guitar. Here’s the proof with this electric 12 strings guitar that I bought in 2014 for the modest sum of… 220 e. As I wanted to play electric guitar again in the band, I began to think about buying a […]

Hohner Pianet T

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Soft and Smart Pas un piano, certes, mais un véritable instrument électro acoustique, acheté en 1982. Le “Fender Rhode du pauvre” ? Oui, sans doute, mais néanmoins un petit instrument plein de charme, plutôt doux, pas très puissant, mais qui sonne vrai. En effet, le son est produit par de véritables lamelles de métal mises […]

Carlos Gonzales theorbo (1997)

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Playing the classical guitar naturally improved my interest for early instruments. The theorbo is one of those. This fascinating instrument is closely connected to the lute, for it belongs to the same family. Contrary to the lute, it’s got 14 simple strings (and not courses) distributed on two peg boxes. The second peg box is […]

Aria AM 200/BS mandolin (1998)

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When we created the Vital Duo project, I clearly needed a broad range of traditional instruments capable of covering several frequencies, from low to high. So I added to the cittern and the mandola this blue grass mandolin, witch have a very nice sound, between tradition and modernity. I tuned it my way (F#, B, […]

Electro-Cittern Richard Caro (1998)

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In 1995, in order to explore new acoustic guitar sounds with the band, I got the idea for a very special guitar. I was dreaming of a big acoustic cittern that would have triple strings courses with sympathetic strings moved by resonance, in order to get a very rich sound. Of course such a guitar […]

Godin multioud (2011)

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Certainly one of my favourites! The oud, or Arabian lute, is the king of Middle Eastern instruments, rich of a thousand-year-old tradition. I discovered this instrument by listening to Arabo-Andalusian music and talented modern musicians that dared to electrify it, such as Jean-Pierre Smadja and Medhi Haddab from the Duoud duet. Some years ago, a […]