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Alhambra Classical Guitar (2012)

Guitare Classique Alhambra

Alhambra classical guitar

The nylon classical guitar is definitively my favourite instrument. I remember I felt in love with it for the first time when I heard the Genesis song Blood On The Rooftops and the wonderful Steve Hackett’s acoustic guitar playing on the intro. Then I discovered the music of French guitarist Philippe Cauvin in 1981 and it was a shock, for I’ve never listened to such a creative and intense music on a classical guitar! Anyway, I love the challenge of playing real acoustic stuff on this instrument. I mean: not only playing arpeggios or picking, but music that demands hard work by your right hand: counterpoint, basses, melodies and chord all at the same time. I love the sound of it, the touch of the nylon strings, this succulent mix of power and sensuality. Playing the acoustic guitar can really make you feel you can lose yourself in the music and travel far away… I never pretended to be a real classical guitar player of course, cause I never studied in a conservatory, but I tried to built my own style over the years, and compose solo guitar pieces with a touch of early music and sometimes Flamenco flavours, as you can hear in my solo album Pierrot & Harlequins or listening to solo guitar pieces on many Minimum Vital’s albums. I played for years on an electro acoustic Takamine model that sounded pretty well, but was a little “weak” in frequencies. Now I’ve got this Alhambra model that has a wider and richer tone.

Video "Dans les Chateaux"