Minimum Vital

Progressif Rock since 1982

Décembre 2020: Mise à jour de notre site web. Les contenus du site sont toujours diponibles mais ils sont en cours de remise en page, veuillez nous excusez pour le petit désagrément.

En attendant la réouverture des lieux de concerts, voici un mini concert, enregistré au local Vital Musique, "au naturel"

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Our three first albums remastered in HD sound

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We are proud to present to you our first three albums remastered in HQ sound in separate digipack CDs: Envols Triangles (1985) Les Saisons Marines (1987) Sarabandes (1990). These 3 CDs are proposed to you in a new Digipack packaging and, mostly, a new HD sound remastering that will amaze you.Discover, or re-discover, our music […]



Minimum Vital is back as a quartet!

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Since 2011, the band had evolved as a trio. The idea at first, with the Eric’s come back on the bass, was to strenghten the “Vital Duo” formula, by mixing acoustic an electric in our music. It’s why jean-Luc focused at this moment on electro-acoustic guitars, among them the legacy Ovation double neck you can […]


Charly Berna rejoint Minimum Vital qui redevient un quartet

Founded in 1982 by the twin-brothers Thierry and Jean-Luc Payssan, the band Minimum Vital created a singular musical landscape, sophisticated and luminous.

Loyal heir from the classic progressive rock of the 70's, responsible of a massive discography (10 albums on french MUSEA label), and having toured outside of France and overseas, they are sailing between Rock music, Progressive, Celtic and Medieval: all of this reaching toward an imaginary folklore wich melted recently with some oriental influences.

A music of sharing.....

  • Jean-Luc Payssan : guitares, percussions
  • Thierry Payssan : claviers, percussions
  • Éric Rebeyrol : basse, pédalier, saz
  • Charly Berna : drums

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