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Progressif Rock since 1982

Notre nouvelle vidéo, réalisée et dirigée par Jean-Luc (dans un style … plutôt burlesque !), pour illustrer notre nouveau titre : En Galice (septembre 2021)

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Our three first albums remastered in HD sound

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We are proud to present to you our first three albums remastered in HQ sound in separate digipack CDs: Envols Triangles (1985) Les Saisons Marines (1987) Sarabandes (1990). These 3 CDs are proposed to you in a new Digipack packaging and, mostly, a new HD sound remastering that will amaze you.Discover, or re-discover, our music […]



Minimum Vital is back as a quartet!

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Since 2011, the band had evolved as a trio. The idea at first, with the Eric’s come back on the bass, was to strenghten the “Vital Duo” formula, by mixing acoustic an electric in our music. It’s why jean-Luc focused at this moment on electro-acoustic guitars, among them the legacy Ovation double neck you can […]


Charly Berna rejoint Minimum Vital qui redevient un quartet

Founded in 1982 by the twin-brothers Thierry and Jean-Luc Payssan, the band Minimum Vital created a singular musical landscape, sophisticated and luminous.

Loyal heir from the classic progressive rock of the 70's, responsible of a massive discography (10 albums on french MUSEA label), and having toured outside of France and overseas, they are sailing between Rock music, Progressive, Celtic and Medieval: all of this reaching toward an imaginary folklore wich melted recently with some oriental influences.

A music of sharing.....

  • Jean-Luc Payssan : guitares, percussions
  • Thierry Payssan : claviers, percussions
  • Éric Rebeyrol : basse, pédalier, saz
  • Charly Berna : drums

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