Minimum Vital

Progressif Rock since 1982

Décembre 2020: Mise à jour de notre site web. Les contenus du site sont toujours diponibles mais ils sont en cours de remise en page, veuillez nous excusez pour le petit désagrément.


  1. Saltarello
  2. Volubilis
  3. Louez Son Nom !
  4. Voyage Un
  5. Deux Amis
  6. La Ribotte
  7. Atlas
  8. Icarus

"Two lead singers (one male, one female), drums, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, bass : this is a band that is often on the lighter side of prog rock, but there is a joy within the music … This is music to get lost in, with elements of bands as diverse as Tull or Gentle Giant, yet there is a sheer beauty and pleasure within it that is rarely heard. There is only one thing that can be done when this album has finished, put it on again! (ProgArchives) "

Recorded by Thierry Payssan and Jean Paul Trombert. Mixed at studio Vital Musique.