Minimum Vital

Progressif Rock since 1982

Minimum Vital is back as a quartet!

Minimum Vital 2019, en quartet

Since 2011, the band had evolved as a trio. The idea at first, with the Eric's come back on the bass, was to strenghten the "Vital Duo" formula, by mixing acoustic an electric in our music. It's why jean-Luc focused at this moment on electro-acoustic guitars, among them the legacy Ovation double neck you can see on "Chapitre 3" Dvd.
After that, we gradually needed to use more percussions and more electric guitars, and our live acts became supplemented with some loops, scarcely at first, and everywhere shortly after. It was very effective but we really had to admit that it was a little artificial and sometimes boring.
Then the idea came to contact our former drummer, and good old friend, Charly Berna. His response was very enthusiastic, the alchemy was back and the band showed new motivations. We are now turning a new page of the book and we are starting a new musical journey.
We recently started rehearsing and recording a new album, stay tuned !

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