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Godin multioud (2011)

Jean-Luc PAYSSAN et le MultiOud Godin

Jean-Luc PAYSSAN and the Godin MultiOud

MultiOud Godin

Godin MultiOud

Certainly one of my favourites! The oud, or Arabian lute, is the king of Middle Eastern instruments, rich of a thousand-year-old tradition. I discovered this instrument by listening to Arabo-Andalusian music and talented modern musicians that dared to electrify it, such as Jean-Pierre Smadja and Medhi Haddab from the Duoud duet. Some years ago, a friend of mine lent me a real traditional oud that later on found his way on the Capitaines album. I really loved his spicy natural sound, but it was impossible to bring it on stage, as it was very difficult to tune and to amplify. Fortunately, I heard that the famous Canadian guitar maker Godin had just created a modern instrument called MultiOud that was a perfect mix of Middle Eastern / Western tradition.

JSo I bought this model and was totally convinced after that. The Multioud has traditional oud dimensions and a fretless ebony fingerboard, but also modern pickup and electronic devices that make it capable of being a real driving force on any amplified rock stage. What‘s fascinating with this instrument is that you have to learn to play in tune on a fretless neck, witch is not very easy, but makes you play quite differently. You have to listen more carefully to what you’re doing, and try to play in oriental mood, with is very exiting!

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