Minimum Vital

Progressif Rock since 1982

Envol Triangles 1985 – 1st album (Remastered 2016)

In 1992, when Musea planned to release the two first albums of the band in one Cd, they were still recording La Source and all the energies (and the money too..) were aimed toward the current studio works.

Then, no budget was available for a correct mastering of the two orignal albums and only a "quick flat transfert" was done by studio Carat in bordeaux.

The band, in those days, wasn't able to do a correct mastering by itself, few people could have done this in 1992 with an average  "IBM compatible" PC..

Today, 30 years later, the justice is done.. Thierry Payssan took back the tapes and gives us a very convincing remastering of the album Envol Triangles  which, would you believe, was issued only as a mini-K7 tape.

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