Minimum Vital

Progressif Rock since 1982

“La Nuit de Fandoryne”, with Minimum Vital

Fandoryne presents a fantastic night, strange and invite lots of friends with surprises !

On Saturday 18th of April, a night in Bordeaux, were strange characters will gather around Fandoryne, a quintet who offer his fantastic vision around the universe of athors like Tim Burton, Stephen king and Edgar Allan Poe. A music tinted with Progressive flavours wich drive the listener in dreamlike and dark climates as so in shifted and pleasure moods.

La nuit de Fandoryne, avec Minimum Vital

La nuit de Fandoryne, avec Minimum Vital

Saturday April-18, 2015 - Salle Delteil - Bègles - Tramway ligne C: Stade Musard

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