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Saint Petersbourg (final version)

This piece has a long history. It was part of the many stuff recorded by Jean Luc and myself during the year 1986, which preceded the recording of "Les Saisons Marines". There have been several versions, never played live, until MINIMUM VITAL "retrospective" evening in Eysines, in October 1997. It was presented there as a "keyboards / dance" duet, with a choreography by (my wife)  Laure Mitou.

Then we took it back in 2002, with VITAL DUO, in an alternate version. And here it is at least, in 2017:
a version that I consider to be in its final form, for which I realized this little video, with a little help from Laure, who performed along a spontaneous choreography.

Thierry Payssan: piano, percussions, glockenspiel, synthesizers
Laure Mitou: choreography

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