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Jean-Luc introduces the Soprano Francisco 70P

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Here is a uncommon derivative of the classical guitar : an octave classical guitar, which is … to say … tuned an octave above a traditional acoustic guitar. While loving the sound of the mandolin, I always wondered how to mix this kind of high sound with a smoother nylon strings flavour. I founded it […]

Remembering Chris Squire

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We were deeply saddened after Chris squire passing, last 27 june 2015. It was so suddenly happened. Us, Jean-Luc and Thierry, we were there in 1984, at Biarritz (France) during this fabulous 90125 tour. Chris stay to us as a fantastic source of inspiration. R.I.P. Chris ….

The Mastering of the New Forthcoming Album

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November 2014 : Thierry & Jean-Luc Payssan are about to finalise the mastering of the new MINIMUM VITAL album, with help of Alexis Bardinet, talented sound ingeneer of Globe Audio studio (Bordeaux, France). Program : careful listening of the 19 tracks, choice of global sound colour, compression and optimization of the music. Yes, the new […]