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The Mastering of the New Forthcoming Album

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November 2014 : Thierry & Jean-Luc Payssan are about to finalise the mastering of the new MINIMUM VITAL album, with help of Alexis Bardinet, talented sound ingeneer of Globe Audio studio (Bordeaux, France). Program : careful listening of the 19 tracks, choice of global sound colour, compression and optimization of the music. Yes, the new […]

“La Nuit de Fandoryne”, with Minimum Vital

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Fandoryne presents a fantastic night, strange and invite lots of friends with surprises ! On Saturday 18th of April, a night in Bordeaux, were strange characters will gather around Fandoryne, a quintet who offer his fantastic vision around the universe of athors like Tim Burton, Stephen king and Edgar Allan Poe. A music tinted with […]