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Thierry Payssan and the Korg “mini” MS20

A while ago I've bought a Korg MS20 in its new mini version, relaunched by Korg.

The MS20 model was the warhorse of my teens and I was very excited to have this old good tool back with me. I've found back its filters and oscillators.

One minor thing: its size (86% of the original) and then everything is reduced, including the keyboard. It's a new trend and more and more tiny synths are emerging on the market these days, that I think is very silly... but, it's not so disturbing when playing.

I took it back home because I had moved the Alesis Micron to our rehearsal site, in perspective of next band rehearsals with new sounds to experiment.

Then, I can't resist to make this special video for you, in the heat of the moment, with a few themes from the band queued together.

Thierry Payssan.


clavier Korg MS20 mini

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