Minimum Vital

Progressif Rock since 1982

The biography, year by year

year 2000

Thierry à Corbigny

Thierry at Corbigny festival

Jean-Luc Payssan

Mixing work of the album "Ex Tempore".

Vital Duo concerts.

Minimum Vital concert in Barcelona.

year 1999

Vital Duo

Vital Duo, inventors of medieval rock !

Vital musique

VITAL DUO Jean-Luc Payssan 1999

VITAL DUO Thierry Payssan 1999

Concerts by Vital Duo, among which 3rd festival in Corbigny.
Beginning of the recording of the Vital Duo album "Ex Tempore", in the Bertrand Amable studio.

year 1998

Sonia à Mexicali

Sonia Nedelec in Mexicali

Thierry Mexique 1998

Live album "Au Cercle de pierre"

Concerts outside France, among which Holland, Poland, Belgium, and Mexico(Baja Prog' festival in Mexicali).

Release of the live album "Au Cercle De Pierre" with one unreleased track ("Le Dernier Appel De La Guerre") coming from the "Esprit d'Amor" sessions and one interactive part (CD ROM).

Writing of some new tracks for the project of the following album.

Minimum Vital supports french band Ange.

Birth of the Vital Duo project, for a show in a chapel in Bègles in February 1999.

Thierry and Jean-Luc play with the XII Alfonso band for one concert, the set list including several tracks played together, which had been written for Vital Duo

year 1997


Bertrand Amable at the centre, with Gilles, Thierry, Gaël, Eric, Sonia

Jean-Luc 1997

Advertising for the release of Esprit d'Amor, march 1997

Release of "Esprit d'Amor".
Concerts, among which one special October evening "rétrospective" in Eysines which is recorded by Bertrand Amable, to release a "live" album, and appearance in the festival in Corbigny in summer.
Beginning of the recording of a guitar based solo album by Jean-Luc, at Bertrand's studio.

year 1996

Minimum Vital on the Rio stage

Minimum Vital at the Rio Art Rock Festival

Thierry Payssan Brasil 1996

Jean-Baptiste Ferracci, Rio 1996



Sonia Nedelec Rio 1996













In January, beginning of the recording of "Esprit d'Amor", at PRO SYSTEM studio.
Concerts in Brazil (Art Rock Festival in Rio de Janeiro, and then Macae).

Charly, who cannot come to Brazil, is temporary replaced by drummer Didier Ottaviani, introduced to the band by Bertrand.

year 1995

Jean-Baptiste Ferracci (MINIMUM VITAL)

Jean-Baptiste Ferracci (MINIMUM VITAL)

Charly : Les Mondes de Minimum Vital

VHS "Les Mondes de Minimum Vital" (reissued in 2003 in the VITAL DUO DVD : "Le Jardin hors du temps")

Work on the tracks and arrangements of the new album.

Meeting with singer Jean Baptiste Ferracci, tanks to Sonia, for the male vocal parts of the album.

Rehearsal and recording of a demo tape with Bertrand Amable to prepare the album.

Release of the VHS video "Worlds Of..." on Musea.