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Progressif Rock since 1982

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The biography, year by year

year 1982

Le groupe CONCEPT en 1982 (Jean-Luc Payssan / Thierry Payssan / Eric Rebeyrol / François Péron).

CONCEPT by 1982 : Jean-Luc Payssan / Thierry Payssan / Eric Rebeyrol / François Péron.

First meeting with Eric rebeyrol, previously playing lead guitar in François Péron's band.

The band "Concept" is created, composed by Jean-Luc (gtr), Thierry (kbd), Eric (bass) and François( drums).

year 1981


Jean-Luc and Thierry Payssan (17 years old) during an early performance of prog pieces of music taken from the demo "Mouvements"

Jean-Luc & Thierry Payssan march 1981

Payssan brother decide to choose the name "CONCEPT" for their prog duo.

Recording of a demo titled "Mouvements" by Jean-Luc & Thierry with one of the first portable 4-tracks machine available, the unfamous TascamPortastudio 144 ( very expensive at the moment), with drummer François Péron.

year 1980

Christian, Jean-Luc

The teen band "Rocking Chair" on stage on may 1980 (from left to right : Chris Agullo (17 years old / vocals) and Jean-Luc Payssan (16 years old / guitar)

Just from the begining was a band of young teeagers playing pop music from the 60', called "Rocking Chair". It was composed of Chris Agullo (vocals), Thierry Payssan (keyboards), Jean-Luc Payssan (guitar), Patrick Sacoman (guitar) and Jean-Philippe Sacoman (drums). But twin brothers Thierry and Jean-Luc Payssan (16 years old) wanted to move to progressive music.

So they made an LP (one copy only !) from a cassette tape recorded in one take. The name of the duo was then "Survival", and the "album" is titled "Origi Redux".

Meeting with faithful friend Philippe Poirier.