Minimum Vital

Progressif Rock since 1982

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The biography, year by year

year 1994

MINIMUM VITAL 1994 in concert : Jean-Luc Payssan / Eric Rebeyrol / Charly Berna / Thierry Payssan / Sonia Nedelec.

MINIMUM VITAL 1994 in concert : Jean-Luc Payssan / Eric Rebeyrol / Charly Berna / Thierry Payssan / Sonia Nedelec.

Minimum Vital / Sonia Nedelec & Jean-Luc Payssan

Searching for a female singer.
Meeting with Sonia Nedelec (lead vocal), and then Charly Berna replacing Christophe Godet on drums.

Working on new material.

Concerts, among which the first one outside France, for Prog'Fest 94 in Los Angeles.

By December, recording of the video " Words Of..." in two days with Gilles Pialat and Mier (video), and Bertrand Amable (recording and mixing).

The website "La Source" starts.

year 1993

Philippe Cauvin

Philippe Cauvin

Minimum Vital on stage, 1993

Jean-Luc, 1993

Release of "La Source" on Musea label.

Concerts with Philippe Cauvin (lead vocal).

Changes in the band leading to a temporary "sleep"

CD "La Source" (release april 1993) Muséa

CD "La Source" (release april 1993) Muséa

year 1992

Jean Paul Trombert, mixing the album "La Source".

Minimum Vital 1992

Envol Triangles / Les Saisons marines

Scattered studio sessions for " La Source ", which is finally released the next year.

1st concert in Paris, thanks to Sandrine Culin and Jean-Luc Putaux ("Entr'Rockn'Roll")!

Reissue of "Envol Triangles" and " Saisons Marines" on one CD on Musea.

year 1991

"Sarabandes" live !


Promote concerts for "Sarabandes".

Starting recording of " La Source " at PRO SYSTEM studio.

year 1990

MINIMUM VITAL at the time of "Sarabandes" (Thierry Payssan / Eric Rebeyrol / Christophe Godet / Jean-Luc Payssan).

Release of the album Sarabandes (first CD on Musea label, after some hesitation with releasing a LP).

Concerts and gigs, included one in Brest, being the first outside our "hometown" area.

Jean-Luc Payssan, Fête de l'Huma Festival 1990

Album "Sarabandes" (MINIMUM VITAL)

Album "Sarabandes" (MINIMUM VITAL)

year 1989

Eric, Château Levêque

Eric Rebeyrol, Château Levêque

Jean-Luc on stage, 1989

Minimum Vital 1989

Recording and mixing since summer, of " Sarabandes " at PRO SYSTEM studio, in Château Levêque.