Minimum Vital

Progressif Rock since 1982

The biography, year by year

year 1988

LP "Les Saisons Marines"

Eric (Grand Parc, Bordeaux, novembre 1988)

Meeting with sound engineer Jean-Paul Trombert

MINIMUM VITAL at the "Grand Parc" theatre

Release of the LP "Les Saisons Marines".

Concerts in Bordeaux (one very nice with the friend band SOMBRE REPTILE).

Meeting with sound engineer Jean-Paul Trombert and visit of his studio " PRO SYSTEM " near Périgueux, thanks to Dany Marcombe (bass player in POST IMAGE, ex bassist of UPPSALA).

year 1987



Minimum Vital live 1987

LP "Enchantement", compilation of french progressive rock

Recording of the track " Oxis Oponem " for the Musea record " Enchantement " at Carat studio.

Some weeks after, recording of the album " Les Saisons Marines ", in the same studio, with sound engineer Jean Marie Avisse, in July.

Meeting with Gilles Pialat and Michel Soleilhavoup, that will be later very important for the future video projects of the band..

year 1986

envol trianglesRelease of the tape "Envol Triangles".

Concerts, rehearsals, and writing.

Meeting with Bernard Gueffier and Francis Grosse, who heard the tape, and propose the production of the new album (real LP).

Meeting with sound engineer Bertrand Amable.

MINIMUM VITAL live 1986.

MINIMUM VITAL live 1986.

year 1985

Minimum Vital

"CONCEPT" changes in "MINIMUM VITAL" (from felt to right : Christophe Godet, Eric Rebeyrol, Jean-Luc Payssan, Thierry Payssan)

Jean-Luc Payssan / 1985

Harmonie Magazine N°1 (september 1985)

Many recording sessions by night at Carat studio.

Philippe Ravon looks for a distributor in Paris for the records he wishes to produce.

Leaving of Antoine, and then leaving of Anne.

Because of another " concept " existing in the South, the band changes its name in "MINIMUM VITAL".

Searching for a new drummer, meeting with Christophe Godet (" Cocof ") thanks to Christian Coutzac, the both being members of the band PSEU.

Concerts with Christophe, under the name of MINIMUM VITAL.

Meeting with Jean-Claude Granjeon who had just created magazine "Harmonie" with Georges Pinilla.

year 1984

Anne Colas

Anne Colas

Concept 1984 Eric Rebeyrol

Antoine Fillon (drums), studio Carat, Bordeaux

Meeting with young flutist Anne Colas, coming from the Bordeaux Conservatoire,

Meeting with Dany Marcombe and Philippe Cauvin from the band UPPSALA, who become friends.

CONCEPT wins the first price of a rock competition in Mimizan, which consists of making a recording in the Carat studio in Bordeaux, to release a SP (1000 copies). The members are then : Jean Luc Payssan (guitar), Thierry Payssan (organ / MS20), Eric Rebeyrol (bass), Anne Colas (flute), Antoine Fillon(drums).

Two days of work in studio (recording / mix) for the tracks " Envol Triangles " and " Hydromel " with engineer Philippe Ravon.

Concerts, including CONCEPT supporting UPPSALA.

Philippe Ravon proposes doing a production of a LP by studio Carat instead of the single.

year 1983

LCONCEPT 1983 : Eric Rebeyrol / Jean-Luc Payssan / Antoine Fillon / Thierry Payssan).

CONCEPT 1983 : Eric Rebeyrol / Jean-Luc Payssan / Antoine Fillon / Thierry Payssan).

Concept in rehearsal 1983

François leaves, replaced by Antoine Fillon, coming from the famous Agostini drums school.

1st concert in Bègles at the end of September.

Recording of a demo tape on 4 tracks TEAC Portastudio (6 tracks, among which 5 were going to be on "Envol Triangles")